Specially designed for the manufacture of molds and plastic injection, MoldFact develops and produces molds and injection of plastics for companies of various sectors of activity.

From small to large quantities, MoldFact has the experience, indentations and facilities to meet the most demanding customers.

Based in Santa Maria da Feira, MoldFact has two manufacturing units in 3000 m² of productive area.

Moldfact aims to be an international company, able to differentiate itself technically and technologically, in constant and large-scale production.

Its constant evolution and expansion are at the level of leaders in the sector, being recognized for the excellence of the solutions of molds or of final product in plastic and the reactivity with segments of high exigency.

An experienced, competent and dedicated team;

Customer involvement throughout the entire process, from mold project to assembly and delivery;

Quality first – we optimize all operations, from customer support to production.

Permanent investment in state-of-the-art technology. Production of molds and plastic injection in the same location, eliminating waiting times.

Professionalism and rigor in all kind of services. Customer first.